Our ethos and values

Our vision is to Strive for Excellence.


Our core belief is:

Together, we strive for excellence.We seek out opportunities to achieve our ambitious goals.We pursue knowledge.We embody goodness and kindness.We consistently challenge and learn from one another. We celebrate our community.


Our values are:

Think Big, Do the Right Thing, Show Team Spirit and Be Proud.


Think Big – be ambitious and aspirational, we open doors and strive to achieve our goals.

Do the Right Thing – have integrity and ensure we always act morally.

Show Team Spirit – work collaboratively and support one another.

Be Proud – show pride in everything we do, including how we wear our uniform, present our work and present ourselves.


Our academy prides itself on our team and community ethos. Student welfare, personal development and academic achievement is central to all decision-making to ensure our students receive the very best possible – modelling our vision of ‘Striving for Excellence’. We have an experienced team of non- teaching Heads of Year as well as Progress Leads attached to each Year Group, and a dedicated team of tutors who ensure their tutees are known and cared for as individuals and where behaviour is expected to be exemplary at all times. Together we create a safe and supportive environment for all students demonstrating our commitment to equality whilst promoting fundamental British values.

Our academy is one of high expectations which aims to transform students, whatever their starting point, into responsible and academically able young adults. We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure each of our students has the chance to secure the university place of their choice, apprenticeship or employment.

In order to achieve their ambitious goals, we insist our students work hard and develop a positive mindset to challenge, overcoming obstacles and responding positively to setbacks.

Our students in Year 11 and Year 13 work for an extra 50 minutes to the rest of our school so finish at 4.05pm (three evenings per week), this is to allow us to really focus interventions to ensure students receive quality and targeted instruction from our teaching staff.

We also have a newly founded House System to develop our sense of community further. Based on Mountain Ranges, all staff and students belong to either Himalayas, Altas, Pryenees or Rockies. Throughout the year staff and students compete to lift the House Cup and are awarded house points for exceptional work and attitude. Students are recognised for their excellence through the use of badges, assemblies, celebration evenings and trips and visits to name a few.

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