Our approach to learning

We offer a rich, broad and balanced three year key stage 3 (Year 7 to Year9) curriculum. This includes extra curriculum time allocated to the core basics of English, Mathematics and Science.

At key stage 4, all students follow one of three flexible pathways which include a range of academic subjects, including the English Baccalaureate, and some more vocationally orientated courses. Students are carefully assigned to pathways based on a range of information which are suitably matched to their needs and aspirations.

Throughout the academic year, we also have ‘Deep Learning Weeks’. These provide a deep and immersive learning experience for our students. It allows them to fully understand key concepts and ideas and have the opportunity to learn from specialist providers or in different learning environments.

Students get the chance to extend their knowledge and aspirations beyond the classroom to the wider world. Students are motivated and inspired to understand pathways to higher education linked and subject specific careers leading to enhanced life chances. Students will develop a personal confidence so that they can self-manage in new learning environments and perform effectively in different situations and surroundings.

Key Documents

Curriculum Plan 2018
Curriculum Policy

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