Our curriculum

Our curriculum model is designed to enable students to experience a broad and diverse range of subjects, whilst ensuring that every student gains the knowledge required for the qualifications they need for the future.


Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9, students study maths, English, science, geography, history, religious education, French, art, food technology, design technology, drama, dance, music, information technology, and physical education.

Subject# of lessons each weekContact
MathsY7 - 4, Y8 - 5, Y9 - 4shawn.brighton@e-act.org.uk
EnglishY7 - 5, Y8 - 4, Y9 - 5hannah.wakefield@e-act.org.uk
Religious Education1sophie.owen@e-act.org.uk
French 1hannah.wakefield@e-act.org.uk
Information Technology (IT)1shawn.brighton@e-act.org.uk
Physical Education/ Dance2lee.goodall@e-act.org.uk

KS3 English Curriculum

Year 7 English
Year 8 English
Year 9 English

KS3 Maths Curriculum

Year 7 Maths
Year 8 Maths
Year 9 Maths

KS3 Science Curriculum

Year 7 Science
Year 8 Science
Year 9 Science

Key stage 4

In years 10 and 11 students continue to study an academic core which includes maths, English and science as well as one lesson of Physical Education per week. Students are then able to personalise their curriculum by selecting three additional subjects from geography, history, French, Urdu, art, textiles, photography, design technology, food technology, computer science, information technology, psychology, religious education, health and social care, business studies, sport, dance, drama and astronomy.

All GCSE exams are now graded using a system of numbers 9-1, rather than letters.

Subject# of lessons per week
Physical Education (PE)1
Options subjects (students are able to choose three subjects):
Religious Education3
French or Urdu3
Design technology3
Food technology3
Business Studies3
Health & Social Care3
Information Technology3
Computer Science3

KS4 English Curriculum

KS4 English Curriculum
Year 10 English Language Papers 1 & 2 Section A
Year 10 English Language Paper Section B
Year 11 English Language Paper Section B

KS4 Maths Curriculum

Year 10 Maths Foundation
Year 10 Maths Higher
Year 11 Maths Foundation
Year 11 Maths Higher

RSE guide for parents


All students have Knowledge Organisers from the current term of work. They are expected to refer to these when undertaking routine homework. These can also be accessed via the academy website.

Routine Homework

Year GroupMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Year 7, 8 & 9MathsEnglishScienceHumanitiesCreative
Year 10 & 11MathsEnglishScienceOption SubjectOption Subject
Sixth FormOption 1Option 2Option 3Additional RevisionAdditional Revision

All students must complete ‘routine homework’ for 20 minutes each night, this is the minimum expectation. Students will be required to draw a heading of homework in their Ready to Learn books and continue to write out the knowledge from memory as they have bee shown (covering up the knowledge in the knowledge organiser) and then self-checking, correcting any errors in Red pen – this is a continuation of the work they have been doing in their Prep Time Sessions.

More information

If you require further details about the curriculum, please contact Mr Berry at dave.berry@e-act.org.uk.

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