Life in the sixth form

Every student matters to us and we see it as our aim to foster the abilities of them all to achieve their personal best. Underpinning this are our three values: Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge

Our sixth form has been re-launched in September 2017 and we are offering an academic curriculum. We believe that it is important to develop the “whole student” so we expect that all sixth form students make a positive contribution to academy life.

This could be through mentoring younger students; promoting and organising charity events or acting as ambassadors at school events. All of our enrichment experiences focus on supporting our students to develop their leadership skills, their confidence and their sense of community responsibility.

Sixth form students enjoy a range of extra- curricular activities and we go on many visits to Universities in the country. We have close links with Oxbridge and also University of Birmingham which mean our students get an insight into Russell group universities and first hand advice from these provider.s. We are a growth mid set academy which has meant that all of our students realise they have the potential to achieve whatever they put their mind to and use this approach when studying and thinking about their future.

Students in our sixth form will support younger students in our academy through extra reading in form time and also through volunteering to support the academy at events. Our sixth form students also volunteer for the ‘Kissing it Better’ charity at Manor hospital. Students visit the hospital weekly and talk to patients on the ward and offer their support and build their communication skills. The students find this an enriching experience and also a very humbling one.

Students have been trained with our SENCO in WAVE 1 SEND provision which means they regularly go into lessons and support some of our students who have any special needs.

We aim to teach our students how they can be beneficial to the wider community and how they should take pride in themselves and others around them. They present assemblies on topics that they feel the younger cohort need to be made aware of and ensure they are always leading by example.

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