National Tutoring Programme

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) provides primary and secondary schools with funding to spend on targeted academic support, delivered by trained and experienced tutors and mentors.

There are 3 routes to providing subsidised tuition:

  • academic mentors – full-time, in-house staff members employed to provide intensive support to pupils who need it
  • tuition partners – tutors recruited by external tutoring organisations quality-assured by DfE
  • school-led tutoring – members of a school’s own personnel, either currently employed or specifically engaged for this purpose, including retired, returning or supply teachers, support staff, and others

As we are returning to life pre-COVID-19, all children have experienced some loss of learning, be this educational, social or emotional learning. Due to this loss, many children have missed key milestones and have not made it to expected progress points in their education. As an academy we are committed to fighting the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their less-disadvantaged peers, more so than ever post-pandemic.

In response to narrowing the gap and addressing educational inequality the Department for Education (DFE) has launched the NTP to support schools and academies to provide tutoring for pupils post-pandemic. The NTP is available to all pupils in Year 1 to 11 across all state schools nationwide. The funding allocation is based on the academy’s Pupil Premium numbers. The funding is an additional £162 per pupil eligible for Pupil Premium to spend on tutoring, in all this has meant the academy has been allocated a total of £1,047 per pupil eligible. This funding is paid directly to the academy so that the academy can implement a targeted and bespoke programme of support and tuition for our most disadvantaged pupils.

The NTP is a tutoring-focused fund, and as such we will be utilising the funding to provide bespoke tuition for individuals and small groups across the Key Stages (Years 7 to Year 11). The Education Endowment Fund (EEF) has found that small group or individual tuition is effective in catching pupils up and has even been shown to support pupils achieving up to 5 months additional progress (EEF 2022).

As an academy we have decided to support pupils from across the Key Stages as we believe that the process to narrow the attainment gap must begin in Key Stage 3. We have allocated funding from the NTP to pay for external tuition group, PET XI to work with Year 9 to Year 11 on their English and Maths. We have allocated the remaining funding to employing Academic Mentors to work with pupils across a range of subjects, not only supporting their attainment in English and Maths but also in subjects such as history or science.

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