Summer School 2021 Report

All of our new Year 7 students (Year 7 2021 – 2022) were invited to our Summer School that ran from 9th to 13th July 2021.  106 students attended the Year 7 Summer School.

Students in Year 7 to Year 10 (2020-2021 academic year) were invited to take part in a Catch Up Summer School that ran from 9th to 13th July 2021.  26 KS3 students and 51 Year 10 students attended the Catch Up sessions.


Year 6 Summer School

​The theme of the summer school for year 6 was Exploration. Students experienced an immersive 360-degree learning experience that took them on a journey through space in an inflatable planetarium!

All sessions focussed on the theme ‘exploration’, such as writing an extended piece of writing on experiences in space in English, working out distances between planets in our solar system in Maths and performing experiments in science.

A group of 36 students were involved in tutoring sessions with mentors from Coachbright and studied English, maths and science. All students also experienced creative lessons in art, drama and music as well as design and technology and a variety of sports in PE lessons. Daily assemblies, competitions, an inflatable assault course, team building and orientation activities enhanced the week.

Year 7 to 9 sessions

Students in year 7 to 9 were invited to attend summer school to catch up on specific areas of the curriculum that we had recognised as key to developing their knowledge and application in English, maths and science.

Year 10 sessions

All students in year 10 were given the opportunity to attend summer school. Prioritising English, maths and science sessions each day to focus on providing the students opportunities to address any misconceptions they may have on specific topics taught during lockdown. Students were also able to get rid of some energy in a physical activity session at the end of the day.


Summer School Costing

​The cost of running the summer schools was £29,142.22

  • Staff cost:
    • Teaching £10,310.35
    • Professional Service Staff £5,956.88
  • External Companies:
    • Coachbright: £3240.00
    • Wonder Dome Inflatable Planetarium: £310.30
    • Inflatable Assault Course: £369.50
  • Catering: £441.69
  • Resources: £8,513.50
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