Term dates

Wednesday 22 September 2021Year 5 & 6 Open Evening (4:00pm - 7:00pm)
Wednesday 29 September 2021Year 7 Settling in Evening
Thursday 21 October 2021Break up for Half-Term
Friday 22 October 2021INSET Day
Monday 1 November 2021INSET Day
Tuesday 2 November 2021Students return to the Academy
Tuesday 9 November 2021Sixth Form Open Evening
Wednesday 8 December 2021Year 11 Parents Evening
Friday 17 December 2021Break up for Christmas Break
Tuesday 4 January 2022INSET Day
Wednesday 5 January 2022Students return to the Academy
Thursday 13 January 2022Year 10 Parents Evening
Thursday 3 March 2022Year 9 Options & Parents Evening
Tuesday 15 March 2022Year 6 Welcome Evening
Wednesday 30 March 2022Year 11 Parents Evening
Friday 8 April 2022Break up for Easter Break
Monday 25 April 2022Students return to the Academy
Thursday 12 May 2022Year 7 Parents Evening
Wednesday 25 May 2022Year 8 Parents Evening
ursdsy 26 May 2022Break up for Whitsun Week
Friday 27 May 2022INSET Day
Monday 6 June 2022Students return to the Academy
Thursday 21 July 2022Break up for Summer Break
Friday 22 July 2022INSET Day
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