Uniform & Standards

The academy has high expectations in relation to all students wearing the full academy uniform at all times.

Students are required to carry their Ready to Learn Pack as part of the academy uniform. These are provided by the academy at the start of the academic year.


Uniform can be purchased from the following providers:

Crested Schoolwear

7 Victoria Arcade
01922 276266

Clive Mark Schoolwear

Saddlers Shopping Centre
1 Park Street
01922 622 556


Academy uniform

  • Blazer (Academy colours) with badge*
  • academy tie*
  • shirt/blouse white, long or short sleeved
  • trousers black, tailored
  • skirt black, tailored, modest length
  • jumper plain black, V-neck only (optional)
  • shoes black leather
  • socks black
  • tights opaque, flesh coloured or black.


  • Polo shirt academy colours*
  • black shorts
  • black hoodie or sweatshirt
  • black tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • trainers.

Sixth Form

  • Sixth Form uniform will be suitable office attire. Lanyards should be worn at all times

* These items will need to be purchased from the official suppliers (please see the website). All students must have a bag which should be able to accommodate an A4 folder, Ready to Learn Pack and their PE kit. All shirts should be tucked in at all times. All students will have a Ready to Learn Pack.

Useful information on uniform

  • Trousers should be black. No tight/skinny fitted trousers or denim allowed, no knee-high socks.
  • Skirts should be black and minimum knee height.
  • Shoes should be polishable and black. No trainers, canvas pumps, high heels or tall boots.
  • Blazers should be worn at all times.
  • If for religious reasons a pupil has to wear a head covering then this must be black in colour to match the academy uniform. No other head coverings will be accepted.
  • Hair must be worn in an appropriate style. Hair must not be worn in an extreme style and hair colour should be a natural colour. Headbands and clips should be black only.
  • Coats are to be worn outside only and not in the classrooms or corridors. They must be removed on entering the building.
  • Nails should be an appropriate length. Nails that are too long in length will be challenged. Neutral nail colours only.
  • Only one pair of earrings – studs. No hoops earrings!
  • Nose piercings should be a small discreet stud. Jewellery must be removed prior to participating in PE lessons.
  • Students are expected to wear their lanyards at all times

Not allowed items

  • Handbags
  • No obvious cosmetics
  • Trainers of any type. This includes black trainers, canvas pumps
  • Hooded and “sweater style” tops
  • Visible T-shirts worn under shirts
  • Jeans, cords, denim or linen materials
  • Trousers exposing the midriff (hipster style)
  • Tight short skirts or tight trousers of any type
  • Any visible body piercings (other than discreet in the nose or single stud earrings)
  • Tattoos
  • Hats worn inside the school
  • Artificial nails of extreme length
  • Extreme haircuts including extreme colours

Trouser Examples

example of appropriate black trousers for boys example of inappropriate black trousers for boys

example of appropriate black trousers for girls example of inappropriate black trousers for boys


Footwear Examples

footwear for boys


footwear for girls

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