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Virtual Transition Meeting

Please choose which meeting time you will be attending on Wednesday 15th July 2020. Times available are 10:00-11:00, 11:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00 and 18:00-19:00. We will need an e-mail address to send you the link to the meeting which will be through Microsoft Teams.

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Travel Arrangements

Please let us know how your child will be travelling to and from the academy.

Travel Arrangements


A Welcome from Mrs Murcott – Head of School

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank your parents for allowing you to come to West Walsall. I think this is a fantastic school but I know this was probably one of the most difficult decisions your parents or carers have ever had to make so I want to reassure them they have made the right choice!
Normally by now, I would have seen you at least twice, it’s strange for me this year and must be even more strange for you.

As a school community, we really like to get to know our students. You should have received a link, in your information pack, to a welcome video from your form tutor. They are really keen to get to know you even before you come to start with us. Please send us some information about yourself – we have asked for three things – it would be great to see a picture of you too – so we can start putting names to faces!
We have put email links to your form tutors on this page, or there is a Microsoft forms document that you can complete and send to us, or you can send us a letter that we can enjoy to read!

We have tried, as much as possible, to cover as many questions that students and their parents ask when they come to Year 6 evenings but there will always be some that escape us – if you need further information please complete this form and we will respond as soon as we can.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Stay safe
Mrs Murcott

Tour of our Academy



Uniform can be purchased from the following providers:


57 Kings Street
WS10 8DE
0121 526 3992
Clemmy’s Leaflet

Crested Schoolwear

7 Victoria Arcade
01922 276266
Crested Schoolwear Leaflet


Academy uniform

  • Blazer (Academy colours) with badge*
  • academy tie*
  • shirt/blouse white, long or short sleeved
  • trousers black, tailored
  • skirt black, tailored, modest length
  • jumper black, V-neck (optional)
  • shoes black leather
  • socks black
  • tights opaque, flesh coloured or black.


  • Polo shirt academy colours*
  • shorts academy colours* (optional)
  • micro Fleece Top academy colours*
  • black jogging bottoms or leggings
  • football socks academy colours*
  • trainers.

* These items will need to be purchased from the official suppliers listed above.


Welcome to year 7 – it is a year of hard work and effort. Be prepared for long hours of learning and a very good education in P.E. We will make you feel comfortable when you come to the school.

Molly B – King Charles Primary School

I didn’t have many friends that came with me from primary school but everyone made me feel welcome. I have made loads of friends so try your best and you will succeed!

Sean M – St. Patrick’s Catholic School

Don’t worry – in the first few weeks you will get lost and will need to ask a couple of people where different class rooms are but you’ll start to remember where the classes are and you’ll be able to help other year 7. It is very exciting!

Reubin P – Alumwell Junior School

When you come to this school remember to focus on your work and listen to the amazing teachers. Make sure to complete the work that has been given. It always is a new experience but you will slowly adjust to it and students in other year groups will give you a hand, such as ourselves. There is someone always there for you.

Ayaan H – Hillary Primary School

We can help you around school and it’s easy once you know where everything is. Your Head of Year is so helpful and kind to you – she is great!

Ruby M – Pheasey Park Farm Primary School

I remember when I was like you and I was a bit nervous to start a new phase of my life. West Walsall brings joy to you and they have very good teachers that will always respect your opinion.

Khadijah I – Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy


Key Documents


Tell us about you

Tell us about yourself

Meet the Form Tutors

Mr Salter Form 7.1
Mr Salter Form 7.1
Mr Heelas Form 7.2
Mr Heelas Form 7.2
Mr Blake Form 7.3
Mr Blake Form 7.3
Mrs Bradnock Form 7.4
Mrs Bradnock Form 7.4
Miss Akhtar Form 7.5
Miss Akhtar Form 7.5
Miss Mo Form 7.6
Miss Mo Form 7.6
Ms Joshi Form 7.7
Ms Joshi Form 7.7
Miss Blanchette Form 7.8
Miss Blanchette Form 7.8
Mr Mallin Form 7.9
Mr Mallin Form 7.9
Miss Lewis Form 7N
Miss Lewis Form 7N

Useful Contacts

Miss Jones Head of Year 7
Miss Jones Head of Year 7
Mrs Finney SEND Support
Mrs Finney SEND Support
Mrs Davis Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Davis Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Murcott Head of School
Mrs Murcott Head of School
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